Isobutyl Alcohol

Isobutyl Alcohol (IBA) is a clear, mobile, neutral liquid with a characteristic odour. It is miscible with all common solvents, e.g. alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, ethers, glycols and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Its miscibility with water, however, is limited. Isobutyl alcohol is a medium boiling, slow evaporating, colorless liquid that is useful in organic synthesis, as a chemical intermediate and as a solvent in coating applications. Isobutyl alcohol is similar in properties to n-butyl alcohol and may be used as a supplement or replacement for it in many applications.

Other names : 2-Methyl-1-propanol, Isobutanol, IBA ketone
CAS  : 78-83-1
Chemical formula : C4H10O
Industrial Application : * Additives in alkyd resin paint * Polishes * Cleaners. * Anticorrosion additives in engine oils * Feedstock in the production of glycol ether * Flotation acid * Paints & coatings * Printing inks * Solvent for coatings * Solubilizer in the textile industry


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