Styrene Monomer

Styrene monomer is a clear colorless to dark liquid with an aromatic odor. Its vapor is heavier than air and irritating to the eyes and mucous membranes. It dissolves in some liquids but doesn’t dissolve easily in water. Styrene monomer is an industrial chemical and important raw material for making a range of modern plastics and synthetic rubbers which are used in a host of everyday products.

Other names : Phenylethylene, Vinylbenzene
CAS  : 100-42-5
Chemical formula : C8H8
Industrial Application : * Bicycle and motorcycle helmets * Building insulation * Carpet backing * Child car seats * Computers * Food and drink containers * Household appliances * Kitchen countertops * Manufacturing surfactants * Medical devices * Packaging * Polymers * Raw material in industry * Refrigerator door liners * Reinforced fiberglass composites * Rubber tyres * Stabilizers * Surfboards


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