Exxal™ 10

Exxal 10 Alcohol is characterized as a primary alcohol, and is a mixture of isomers of different branched structures with both odd and even numbered carbon chains ranging from C9 to C11, predominantly C10.

Other names : Alcohols, C9-11-iso-,C10-rich, Isodecyl alcohol, Isodecanol
CAS  : 68526-85-2
Chemical formula : Complex Substance
Industrial Application : Exxal 10 Alcohol is a liquid used as an intermediate for making a variety of other chemicals which are used in many applications. It is primarily used in processes of chemical reactions (e.g., ethoxylation, sulfation and esterification). Simply put, Exxal Alcohols are reacted with other chemicals to form new chemicals which are then used, for example, as plasticizers, surfactants detergents, lubricants or stabilizers. In pure form, Exxal 10 Alcohol may also be used as a co-solvent for extraction in mining and as solubilizer for lube oil additives.


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