The “Company” realizes and values your personal information. In compliance with Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act 2019, The company has established its privacy policy and communicates on how the company handles your personal data as follows:

  “Personal data” is information about an individual that enables a party to identify an individual directly or indirectly, but the information excludes deceased persons in particular.

1. Collection of personal data

  The company collects your personal data through the company’s website in a lawful manner. The information is stored as necessary for the company’s purposes. Therefore, we are required to inform you and ask for your permission before collecting your personal data for the benefit of your use. The company keeps your data confidential, and the information is collected from other sources you do not provide directly. The company will inform you within 30 days after storing.

  You can choose whether you allow to give your personal data to the company or not. However, please note that if you do not provide your personal data to the company, some services will not be enabled for you without your personal data. 

  Collection, usage, and disclosure of information related to nationality, race, political opinion, religion, philosophy, sexual behavior, criminal record, health, disability, labor union, and genetics are allowed under your permission only (except for the company uses the information for labor protection, social security, health insurance, medical welfare of employee or as prescribed by law)  

2. Collected information by the company

  Union Petrochemical Public Company Limited may collect your personal data from several sources, such as:

  2.1 When you apply for a job, internship, or scholarship with the company through the website or telephone, the company will ask for information necessary for the application: name, surname, phone number, email, address, educational record, etc.

  2.2 When you contact to ask for information or express interest in the company’s services, the company may ask for your name, email, and phone number.

  2.3 The company may record your website access information (Log Files). These log files provide access information such as IP Address or Time of access.

  2.4 Cookies

  The company’s website may use cookies in some cases. Cookies are small files of information that store data between your computer and the company’s website. The company will use cookies in particular to store information that may be useful for you the next time you visit the company’s website.

  When you use a web browser, you can select options to accept or deny all cookies or get notifications to remind you once cookies are transferred. You can learn more about cookies and adjust their options later in the “Help” menu of your web browser. Please note that disabling cookies may affect some services.

3. Period of collection of personal data

  The company keeps your personal data within the necessary period according to purposes. As long as the company keeps your personal data, reasonable security measures are provided to prevent unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, disposal, or any risk in the same way. After the period, the company may delete or dispose of your personal data immediately.   

4. Purposes of personal data collection

  The company uses the personal data you have provided for the purposes of providing services according to the transactions agreed between you and the company. The company will not use your given personal data for any other purposes other than those stated when collecting the data. The company collects the data for the following purposes:     

  4.1 To use in your job, internship, and scholarship application

  4.2 To contact and service or answer your question according to your ask. 

  4.3 To collect information for company’s database or statistical information about the website’s visitor number.

  4.4 To use for other purposes that you permit.

  4.5 To follow the laws or law exemption.

5. Disclosure of personal information

  The company will not disclose your personal information to other third parties except for

  5.1 Obtaining consent from the owners.

  5.2 Requesting from a court order, competent official, or law to disclose the data.

  Please note that the company may send your personal information to affiliated companies with Union Petrochemical Public Company Limited to efficiently provide you services and achieve purposes. The transferred information may be customer’s name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, company name (organization), position, and sales-related information. That information will only be disclosed for service purposes.

  The company website may have other links connecting to other websites. Please note that the company will not take responsibility for your personal data that is used by websites other than our own.

6. Security

  The company has suitable security measures for personal data as follows

  6.1 The company prevents data loss, access, damage, use, modification, edition, or disclosure of personal data without permission.

  6.2 The company limits the number of people who have access to personal data. These people are employees who need to know personal data in order to process the data. They are subjected to a strict provision of confidentiality.

  6.3 In case the company employs other companies to provide services on behalf of the company and assign them the responsibility for handling the personal data. The company will select an appropriate subcontractor and require that company to sign all necessary agreements related to personal data management.

  6.4 Coding, the company uses encoding with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to ensure that your personal information will be transferred safely.

7. Rights of personal data ownership

  Ownership of personal data has the rights as follows. They can inform the company via a written statement through the “Personal Information Request Form” or email address or Call Center for the following purposes.

  7.1 Right to object and withdraw consent.

  7.1.1 You have a right to argue or object to the collection, use, or disclosure of the information.

  The company will follow your request and no longer collect, disclose, transfer, or use your personal data.

  The withdrawal consent may affect some services the company cannot provide without your permission. The company will inform the withdrawal consent consequences after receiving the request for withdrawal consent.

  7.2 Right to access personal data, you can ask for a copy of your personal data. The company will send your personal data within 30 days (thirty) after the company receives the request for personal data access.

  7.3 Right to edit personal data, you can ask the company to edit incorrect information or incomplete personal data.

  7.4 Right to suspend use or disclosure personal data.

  7.5 Right to erase personal data. You can ask for the erasure or disposal of your personal data.

  7.6 Right to disclosure the acquisition of your personal data.

  7.7 Right to transfer your personal data.

8. Contact us

Union House Bldg, 728 BoromratchonnaniRd., Bang Bamru, Bang Phlad, Bangkok 10700

Telephone number: 66-2881-8288



Privacy policy changes, the company may review and revise this privacy policy without prior notice. In this regard, the company will announce the current privacy policy on the website with the latest modified day. We deem you have accepted the changes, and the company will not inform these changes to you individually. 

Guidelines by Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act 2019

The last date modified 1 December 2021